What is a Hub Delegate?

Delegates can do more than just help you out in a pinch or when you’re on vacation. Once you’ve assigned someone the role of “Delegate,” they’ll have access to all of the same tools that you do as a hub leader.


Examples of tasks you might hand off to a delegate:

Maybe you don’t mind being a drop off spot for Donation Sunday, but don’t have the bandwidth for a delivery trip to the food bank on Monday. Perhaps there’s a hub member to whom you could delegate this task, and who would love to be that link in the donation cycle.

You can also have a delegate help you be a cheerleader for you hub and send out communications a few times a month to your bakers:

  • Congratulation cards in our messaging system for baker anniversaries and new badges earned
  • Donation follow up emails to thank your bakers for their efforts


Don’t be shy! This organization is full of incredible volunteers who love to lend a hand to help make this machine run smoothly. If you need help, or would like to share the load, ask a delegate!

You may also refer to our “Volunteer Tasks” FAQ to learn more about getting help with one-off tasks.

Rachel Linkhart

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    Rachel Linkhart