Our Volunteers Bake All the Difference

Our ability to do our work depends on an exceptional team of generous volunteers. We’re pleased to introduce you to just a few of the many individuals that keep us going.

Our Board

Katherine Kehrli is the founder, chair, and chief bread & energy cookie officer. At the pandemic’s beginning, she found herself displaced, working from home, and searching for a way to help our local communities. Her heart was pulled to find a way to support local food banks struggling with increased demand and decreased supply. She is a lifelong advocate for nutrition and wellness for people and the planet. Research informed that the supply of freshly baked whole-grain sandwich bread at local food banks was limited. Her eureka moment was the discovery that donating freshly baked whole grain bread and, later, Energy Cookies, from our home kitchens directly to the emergency food system is allowed. Community Loaves was launched, and our “Breader Together” volunteers lean into the belief that we can bake the world a better place.

Cynthia Nims is a food writer and culinary consultant whose most recent books reflect her particular love of seafood, including Oysters and Shellfish. A graduate of the La Varenne cooking school in France, her work has included serving as food editor of Seattle magazine and contributing to many publications such as Cooking Light, Alaska Airlines Magazine and Coastal Living. In the realm of cookbooks, she has authored a dozen herself, and co-authored, edited or otherwise contributed to many others. Cynthia has also devoted much of her time to nonprofit work, which includes having served as president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and serving as board member for Tilth Alliance in Seattle. A novice baker, count Cynthia among those who the pandemic inspired to learn the art of homemade bread.

Amy Slate is a wife and mother of twins. She is passionate about active travel, longevity, and spending quality time with family and friends. Amy retired after almost 20 years with McKinsey & Co. in their practice management area. She is enjoying applying her former work life skills to her role at Community Loaves while continuing to learn from others.

Our Support Team

Bob Witzgall
Flour Fundraiser Ops – Delivery & Fulfillment Logistics
Kimbra Ong
Flour Fundraiser Ops – Packing Sessions, Staging and Order Fulfillment
Matt Mizulo
Flour Fundraiser Ops – Driver, Flour Packer, Staging
Claire Powers
Mail Team – Orders@communityloaves.org
Jennifer Grambihler
Mail Team – Orders@communityloaves.org
David Johnston
Flour Fundraiser Ops – Driver

Our Finance Team

Spencer Groth
Spot Stephenson
John Zimet
Transaction Processing

Hub Leadership

Our ability to do our work is dependent on a valuable team of essential volunteers. We’re pleased to introduce you to just a few of these individuals.

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