Community Loaves™ is a grassroots bread brigade, baking and delivering homemade Honey Oat Sandwich Loaves in support of our overstretched food pantries. As a community we are passionate about bread baking and united in a mission to provide delicious, nutritious freshly baked bread to our local food pantries. We are fully entrenched in the greater Seattle area, and have recently launched operations in Portland. 

This project began humbly, April 2020, with an aspirational and understated donation of 19 loaves created by a handful of pioneer bakers. With each successive donation our numbers have climbed. By the end of our first year a total of 8344 loaves were donated by a dedicated volunteer community of 488 bakers, flour re-packers, drivers, and tech support gurus, all organized into 32 geographically based hubs and supporting 5 food pantries between Washington and Oregon. 

Across the country millions of people are newly experiencing food insecurity and our food pantries are having a tough time meeting the demand. Amongst other things, wholesome, nutritious bread is needed. Community Loaves™ is limited only by the size of the bread brigade, more bakers, more donations.

And, it isn’t just about giving away bread, heck you can do that by purchasing a loaf or two. In a time of social distancing, when we can’t hug, or even show our smiling faces, this project fosters heart-warming connection with bakers of all levels, from novice to professional. We delight in supporting each other as we further our dough handling skills making better and better bread in our home or professional kitchens and then delivering that bread to local hubs and food pantries. Our bread recipe is intentional calling for freshly milled whole grain and high extraction flours that provide valuable nutrition to our bread while, at the same time, lending support to the local grain economy.

I’m thrilled to say this bread donation effort is on the rise. We’re poised to bake and donate close to 30,000 loaves this year. I warmly invite you to add your time, talents and treasure to our volunteer network.  

We’re Breader Together! 

Katherine Kehrli
Bread Baker & Community Loaves™ Founder