Our network of volunteer bakers is making a difference at local food pantries through the generous act of donating freshly baked bread. It’s that simple, it’s that wonderful.​

  • Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 50 million people may experience food insecurity, including a potential 17 million children.
  • Every community in the country is home to families who struggle with food insecurity including rural and suburban communities.
  • The need for nutritious food donations is greater than ever.

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We’ve donated enough bread for 264,341 sandwiches

Community Loaves is on the rise, baking up a unique, delicious and nutritious solution.

Beginning in Washington and now Oregon, our growing network of volunteers is baking a difference one Honey Oat Sandwich loaf at a time. In 2020, just under 500 volunteer bakers, drivers, flour packers and baking coaches helped us deliver 8,344 loaves to local food pantries.


Prospective volunteers attend a one-hour information session where they LEARN the details of the Community Loaves bread donation.

REGISTER and BAKE. Volunteers register to participate in our baking brigade through a simple sign up form. With three bread formulas to choose from, this project is for suitable bakers of all skill level. Need a little help, a robust library of videos and a team of mentors can help see you through your first bake.

DONATE – Twice a month, bakers throughout the region take their Community Loaves to a designated neighborhood hub. These hubs, in turn, deliver those loaves direct to the food pantry, it is an Amazing Race of freshly baked bread.




We’re On A Mission To Donate
30,000 Loaves In 2021