How it Works


Volunteers attend an information session that provides all the details for participation. 

Armed with the Community Loaves™ bread formula(s) our baking brigade volunteers bake and package honey oat sandwich loaves for donation.

These loaves get transported from home to hub. Hubs  are geographically located “home bases” that provide an easy and close drop off for your donation loaves. 

Hub coordinators serve as field agents, providing baker support, coordinating volunteers, registering accurate loaf counts and inviting you to connect virtually with the neighborhood group. They also help ensure all donated loaves get to the designated food bank by the scheduled deadline. 

This beautiful bread baking relay race happens twice a month on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.

Our Honey Oat Sandwich Bread

Our signature Community Loaf formulas have been created and tested by our own dedicated team of professional and volunteer bakers. By design our loaves are:

✓ Delicious – whole grain flours, oatmeal, a touch of honey, combine to create a tasty bread

✓ Nutritious – equal parts freshly milled whole grain and minimally processed flours ensure we are delivering high quality nutrient dense items to our food banks 

✓ Familiar – a good sandwich bread can play host to a wide variety of fillings providing satisfaction and comfort with each bite

✓ Three formulas – although the ingredients are the same our bakers choose the formula that makes the most sense for their baking style

  • The Classic – a combination of sourdough and yeast for leavening
  • The Purist – sourdough only as a leavener
  • The Modern – conventional yeast as the leaving agent

A Community of Support

The work we’re doing is nourishing more than the food banks. It nourishes each of us as participants.

Our rich volunteer network is united in a common purpose and connected to each other via a broad network of online and offline services. The novice baker is welcomed and supported every step of the way while the experienced baker has the opportunity to geek out with other flour and sourdough nerds. Rich baker support is provided through training videos, our social media pages, as well as 1:1 engagement with your neighborhood hub coordinator and introductions to mentor bakers. 

You do not need to be a baker to donate. There are lots of ways to volunteer. Each new city/neighborhood we start needs a Hub Coordinator to help with the local effort. There are many administrative tasks, including managing volunteer signups, donation tracking, and lending a hand with the packaging of orders and materials. Volunteers can assist with transportation of baker supplies and/or bread. And increasingly, volunteers with programming skills are donating their time to develop our new website, which supports our entire project. Let us know your special talents and we’ll find a place for you.

Getting Started

Help us end hunger one loaf at a time. It begins with signing up for a Community Loaves™ information session.