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One of our favorite questions! Yes, we do provide these hours. You will find them on your volunteer profile page. You receive hours for baking and donating loaves and cookies, packing flour, packing cookie mix, serving as a hub leader, driving and/or organizing supplies, and helping out your hub leader. Just about every aspect of the program acknowledges your dedication with a volunteer time credit!

To find, view, and print your “statement”:

  1. Login to your volunteer dashboard.
  2. Click the yellow “Profile” button.
  3. Scroll down, you’ll see some options for viewing your statement. This year, last year and then click to view as a pdf. You can also see all of this year’s donations itemized right ther on the profile page.
  4. Donations are calculated as follows – 7 hours for every combination of 3-4 loaves of bread donated and 3 hours for every batch of cookies. These are based on existing averages. 
  5. Note our EIN number is on the statement to make it easy for you when you file your annual tax return.

We track these efforts intentionally, young bakers can earn Community Service credit, and working bakers can submit their time with their companies for corporate matching. Those are really valuable dollars for this little non-profit organization.

If you need additional information to complete your submission, please send an email to bakersupport@communityloves.org

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One of the best things about Community Loaves is that moving to a neighborhood doesn’t mean you have to give up baking and donating.

When you started the program you selected you created a volunteer profile and selected your hub. Now you want to change your hub to one that is closer to your new residence. Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Click on the yellow profile button on your volunteer dashboard.

2. Then click on the edit button.

3. Scroll down, type in your zip code and select the hub closest to your new home.

4. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the bottom. That’s it. Now you’re part of a new hub and they’ll be expecting you next donation Sunday!

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