What is a Freezer Bank?

Heading out of town, want to drop your loaves off early? You don’t have to miss a donation, you can bake ahead and take your items to your nearest freezer bank.

A freezer bank is an independent donation location; it is like a hub, and sometimes it is located at your hub. The difference is unlike your hub check-in, where the donations are organized for Sunday. Freezer banks can take donations at any time, well, within reason, that is. Then the freezer bank manager makes sure that your loaves and/or cookies are transferred to the food bank for the next donation date.

You’ll find the Freezer Bank opportunity in the same location as your regular Donation Check-In.

1. Click the Loaves/Cookies Button

2. Select “Freezer Bank”

3. Click the down arrow to reveal the location opportunities. We are adding more and more freezer banks as the weeks and months progress

After checking in your items, your confirmation message will provide the details for reaching out to the freezer bank manager. You can confirm via text, email or phone that you’ll be bringing by your items for cold storage. Then head off to the Bahamas with peace of mind and the positive vibes of a donation that is in the bank!

Katherine Kehrli

    Katherine Kehrli