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Delegate Duties (2)

Hub Leaders can select one or more hub members to become Hub Delegates. This delegate role gives another person (or people) all the hub leader tools, so that you have a back up in case of travel, emergency, illness, etc.

Click the Delegate Duties button, and then use the drop down menu beside the name of the baker(s) to give them the “Delegate” role. (see below)













If you have very small hub and need a larger group of volunteers to pull from, you are able to select a member from an affiliate hub to become a delegate of your hub. Use the drop down menu under “Select a Member of an Affiliated Hub” and select a name. They will then be added to your list of Hub members, and you can change their role. (see below)












Do you currently have a hub delegate? How do you like to utilize their help? Have anything to share with us about delegating duties? Please do so in the comments below.

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Delegates can do more than just help you out in a pinch or when you’re on vacation. Once you’ve assigned someone the role of “Delegate,” they’ll have access to all of the same tools that you do as a hub leader.


Examples of tasks you might hand off to a delegate:

Maybe you don’t mind being a drop off spot for Donation Sunday, but don’t have the bandwidth for a delivery trip to the food bank on Monday. Perhaps there’s a hub member to whom you could delegate this task, and who would love to be that link in the donation cycle.

You can also have a delegate help you be a cheerleader for you hub and send out communications a few times a month to your bakers:

  • Congratulation cards in our messaging system for baker anniversaries and new badges earned
  • Donation follow up emails to thank your bakers for their efforts


Don’t be shy! This organization is full of incredible volunteers who love to lend a hand to help make this machine run smoothly. If you need help, or would like to share the load, ask a delegate!

You may also refer to our “Volunteer Tasks” FAQ to learn more about getting help with one-off tasks.

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