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Answers to the most commonly asked questions can be found below. Still Stumped? Contact Us!

Just getting started, here’s some info on our different formula options! We’re an equal leavening opportunity organization. Whether you’d like to use yeast, sourdough starter, or a combination of both, we’ve got just the right bread formula for you. Below is a quick description of the three available options. Click on any of the titles go directly to the page for downloading the formula.

The Modern – Yeast Only

The Modern Formula is the best formula for new bakers. Even experienced bakers find this formula’s predictability and overall loaf performance a winner. The Modern uses instant yeast for leavening, typically more active than a natural levain starter (sourdough). Short on time, although good bread is always a time investment, of the three, this is the quickest of them all.

The Classic – Hybrid

The Classic Formula uses a combination of natural sourdough starter for flavor and instant yeast for reliable performance. Use this formula if you have an existing active sourdough starter but want to add a pixie dust of instant yeast as leavening “insurance”. This formula gives you both great flavor and beautiful loft.

The Purist – Sourdough

The Purist Formula uses a natural sourdough starter for leavening. This formula is best for our most experienced bakers. It has been optimized to reduce any sour notes, but your own sweet efforts may still contribute some natural sourness.

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