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What We Bake (2)

Our volunteers have the opportunity to bake and donate two different items for our neighborhood food banks. Both are whole grain, delicious, and equally appreciated by food bank clients. The donation is your choice! You can choose bread, energy cookies or both! Or mix it up, donate bread one week and energy cookies the next.

Once you have attended an information session and registered as a volunteer, you can download the recipes for either of our program bakes.

Our Signature Bread!

Our Honey Oat Sandwich Loaf recipe is available in multiple formats, spreadsheet or pdf, and multiple leavening options – meaning you can use commercial yeast or a natural starter. Folks rave about our bread. Home-baked bread is a time commitment, about 6-7 hours per batch. A batch depends on your equipment, generally, bakers will choose to make 3-4 loaves. Experienced dough-handling skills are not required; we support your journey every step of the way. These loaves are a terrific way to nourish our community.

Our Grab ‘N Go Energy Cookies!

Find bread a little intimidating. Need something that takes less time, something you can mix in one bowl with a wooden spoon?! Our Grab ‘N Go Energy Cookies are a perfect match. Made with six nutritious whole-grain flours, you can mix up a batch of 32 cookies in just a few minutes and complete the whole project in just a few hours of baking.

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We are big fans of local ingredients and organic is preferred when it fits our volunteer’s budgets. We receive questions on if our items are whole grain. Here’s the scoop.

Our Honey Oat Sandwich Loaves are made from 50% Whole Grain Bread Flour and 50% High Extraction flour. A few exceptions exist on the blend depending on local market conditions. For example, in Hailey Idaho we use locally milled even higher extraction Hillside Grain flour.

Our sandwich loaf is considered a whole grain loaf but it is really about 75% whole grain due to the blend of flours.

What about the Energy Cookie? The energy cookie is a blend of 6 different whole grain flours. Whole grain pastry flour, whole grain oat flour, whole grain rye flour, oatmeal, whole grain chickpea flour, and almond meal – the whole almond.

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