The Ingredients We Use – Whole Grain

We are big fans of local ingredients, and organic is preferred when it fits our volunteers’ budgets. We receive a lot of questions about if our items are whole grain, so here’s the scoop.

Our Honey Oat Sandwich Loaves are considered a whole grain loaf, but are really about 75% whole grain due to the blend of flours. They are made from 50% Whole Grain Bread Flour and 50% High Extraction flour. However, a few exceptions exist on the exact blend depending on local market conditions. For example, in Hailey, Idaho, we use locally milled, even higher extraction, Hillside Grain flour.

What about the Energy Cookie? The energy cookie is a blend of six different whole grain flours: whole grain pastry flour, whole grain oat flour, whole grain rye flour, oatmeal, whole grain chickpea flour, and almond meal (made using the whole almond!).

Katherine Kehrli

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    Katherine Kehrli