How Do I Start A Program In My Neighborhood?

This is one of our favorite questions!

Launching a new Community Loaves hub is a noble calling. You are building the foundation for supplying a local food bank with freshly baked, nutritious bread and energy cookies. All from the home kitchens of volunteer bakers. Being a hub leader is a rewarding volunteer effort helping to build community and providing logistical support to our twice-a-month donation effort. It isn’t hard, usually 10-15 hours a month, much of that “passive” time. Getting a new hub established does take a few steps.

First – If you haven’t attended a New Baker Information Session, please do this first. This provides the foundation for why and how we do the things we do. Find a date that works for you.

Second – Sign up for a New Hub Leader training session. This one-hour zoom session will provide the training and logistics for hosting a hub. If none of the upcoming sessions work for you, or there are no upcoming sessions posted, please email, and we will work to establish a session date.

Third – If a food bank partner is needed in brand new geographic areas, we will work together to secure that partnership.

It might take a couple of months to assemble the pieces depending on our mutual availability. (This is mostly waiting and back-and-forth time for the next step.)

Katherine Kehrli

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    Katherine Kehrli