Email Communication – Samples

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say in the twice-a-month cheerleading for your hubs. Here are a couple of emails that could serve as inspiration.

From Sandy Merrit-Shea to her hub leaders, following a recent donation:

Good Morning Bonney Lake Hub Bakers!

This Sunday, the 25th, is donation day. So get those bread loaves and Energy Cookies ready to be dropped off!  Here is the info: 18402 139th St E. from 9 am – 5 pm. Donation bin on the front porch w/signup sheet on a clipboard.

Remember to record #’s today on the website, too.  The Bonney Lake Food Bank will be closed on Monday the 26th, so I will deliver to them on Tuesday.  If you would like to drop off donations to the hub on Monday, to keep everything frozen one more day, I will be here. Whichever day works best for you, Sunday or Monday, just text me if you would like to drop off on Monday.

Let’s welcome our newest bakers to join our baking brigade, Julia Osborne and Amy Vandenberg!  We are all so happy to have you with us on this journey to provide for our community; the Bonney Lake Food Bank thank you!

We also have some One Year Anniversaries to celebrate. Let’s give a round of applause to Gretchen McCallum, Wendy Adams, Amanda Kruger and Glenda Brown!  Thank you, Ladies, for helping to build our little hub into what it has become, I’m in awe of you all…Thank you!

It would be great to have everyone upload a picture on your profile page on the Community Loaves website.  Always so nice to have a face to go with your name, and I’ve even seen some of you out in the community, I love that!

We truly are Breader Together!

Sandy Merritt-Shea, Bonney Lake Hub Coordinator

Katherine Kehrli

Katherine Kehrli