Nutrition Facts

Energy Cookie

These cookies are baked in home kitchens and to a specific recipe/formula. As long as our bakers adhere to ingredient weights, these are the nutritional

  • Each cookie is 85g
  • Each cookie contains just under 60% of your daily recommended whole grain requirement
  • Each cookie contains 5g of fiber (18% of your daily allotment), 6g of protein, and 7g of fat

Allergens: tree nuts, wheat

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this product, please email us at

We hope the cookie is delicious and satisfying. If you are interested in baking with us, please take a moment to sign up for a baker information session.

Blueberry Pecan:

Cherry Chocolate: (coming soon)

Honey Oat Sandwich Loaf

We’re a network of home-based bakers. Every single loaf is produced in a home kitchen by a volunteer baker. Every volunteer bakes from our standard bread recipe, with the only variation being the leavening agent.

A nutrition label implies a certainty we cannot assure. The following challenges keep us from placing a nutrition label on our bread:

  • Each loaf varies, or can vary, rather dramatically in size.
  • Most nutrition labels for sliced bread provide that information per slice. Our loaves are unsliced, so the nutrition depends on how the recipient chooses to slice the loaf.
  • Although our home bakers are asked to follow the recipe exactly, weighing all ingredients, there are times when mistakes happen and/or the well-intentioned volunteer baker may substitute a little of a different flour. That would throw the nutrition off. 


For these reasons, we do not include the nutrition on the label, and instead furnish the list of ingredients and hope that the person or family receiving the loaf will understand we are not a factory.

We are able to have the nutrition facts for the cookie and not the bread because we provide the cookie mix to our bakers and they portion out the cookie to an exact 85g. This allows us to have much greater confidence in the accuracy of the information.