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    Katherine Kehrli


      I feel you. I’ve experienced the same “rip”. Yes, shortening should be a fine way to grease your pans. I ask that we stay away from butter, simply because we do not list any dairy on on our label and we can be confident that it is dairy free. But any other form of grease/oil that works for you should be fine.

      Thank you.


      Heidi Cristobal

        I’m wondering if using shortening to grease the bread pans would be a good substitute when no cooking spray is available?

        I use the Wilton non-stick bread pans for my loaves, and ran out of cooking spray when I was baking my last donation batch.  I tried greasing the pans with a paper towel soaked in oil, and all four loaves got stuck to the pans.  I managed to coax three loaves with a butter knife, but the last one ended up as a keeper (one of the sides ripped and left a big gash). I usually have shortening on hand for pie dough, and had used it for greasing bundt cake pans.  Any insight is greatly appreciated!

        Thanks – Heidi

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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