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Launching a new Community Loaves hub is a noble calling. You are building the foundation for supplying a local food bank with freshly baked, nutritious bread and energy cookies. All from the home kitchens of volunteer bakers. Being a hub leader is a rewarding volunteer effort helping to build community and providing logistical support to our twice-a-month donation effort. It isn’t hard, usually 10-15 hours a month, much of that “passive” time. Getting a new hub established does take a few steps.

First – If you haven’t attended a New Baker Information Session, please do this first. This provides the foundation for why and how we do the things we do. Find a date that works for you.

Second – Sign up for a New Hub Leader training session. This one-hour zoom session will provide the training and logistics for hosting a hub. If none of the upcoming sessions work for you, or there are no upcoming sessions posted, please email, and we will work to establish a session date.

Third – If a food bank partner is needed in brand new geographic areas, we will work together to secure that partnership.

It might take a couple of months to assemble the pieces depending on our mutual availability. (This is mostly waiting and back-and-forth time for the next step.)

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Have an extra freezer? Want to become a drop point for donations? Freezer banks allow bakers to drop off their donations at times outside of the usual Sunday donation day: easier for those with unconventional schedules, or when vacations or other responsibilities interfere with a Sunday drop off.

As the freezer bank manager, you will be responsible for making sure that the loaves and cookies donated to your freezer are transferred to the food bank for the next donation date. This might mean bringing them to your hub along with your own donations on donation Sunday, or it might be that you drop them off yourself at the food bank Monday.

Still interested? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon!