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    Jeff James

      Oh gosh, now that you point it out, I see what you mean!  I checked the King Arthur site and their “Standard Bread Loaf Pan” is 8 1/2 x 4 1/2.  I will use the true 9 x 5 pans for CL donations.  Thanks for cluing me in to that.

      I mixed this batch for 40 minutes total on my ancient KitchenAid, with a couple cooling pauses.  The window looked good to me.  Final proof was 60 minutes and seemed to pass the poke test, down from 70 minutes last time, which I think was overproofed.  I will try mixing a little longer next time.

      Thanks for your help!

      Katherine Kehrli

        James –

        One more thing, looking at your pictures I would say that you need to mix a little longer and proof a little longer. I can see some small splitting. Stronger gluten development and a good proof will make both of those bakes taller.

        Katherine Kehrli


          This question keeps popping up. I suspect you have 1 lb pans vs the 9×5 1.25 lb pans. The formula fits well in the larger pans with good loft, especially the Modern and the Classic. You can use the smaller pan if you wish but I encourage to see if you can achieve the loft even with the larger pan. 🙂

          We’re all volunteers here but the “business” of our non-profit is to provide a consistent, delicious, nutritious loaf. As much as possible I’d love for our loaves to look as uniform as possible. But we are not machines and there is a natural charm to our home-baked loaves.

          Most important to me is that you enjoy the process and keep baking. We need so many more loaves! Thank you for the question.


          Jeff James

            Hello Bakers!

            I’m just getting started with Community Loaves.  Great organization and resources!  I have two 9×5 pans that I bought from King Arthur a couple years ago.  On the last CL supply run I bought one of the USA pans.  The King Arthur pans are noticeably smaller.  They’re about the same height but fit completely inside the USA pan, so I’d guess they are about 1/4″ shorter and narrower than the USA pans.  I baked two loaves today using one of each pan.  Here’s how they came out:

            Two different pans

            I actually like the shape of the loaf from the smaller pan a little better, maybe because I didn’t get quite the rise that I’ve seen in the videos.  My question is, is it OK to use the King Arthur pans, or better to standardize on the USA pans?


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