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    Katherine Kehrli

      That is an excellent question and I know another baker who prefers his bags and has extra labels.

      Perhaps we need to have a packaging swap meet within hubs during supply pickup?!

      If we were going to stay the course with the current bag and label process, I think a separate purchase opportunity makes sense. So you know, packaging kits are currently created by a mother daughter team who count/weigh out everything and bundle them up. We don’t actually have the components loose.

      Very soon, no later than April, hoping March we will have printed bags, no labels involved.

      Hope that will be a worthwhile solution!


      Sonia Savelli

        I don’t put labels on the loaves I keep so I find myself with an abundance of labels but short on bags. Would you consider having an option where one can purchase bags and twist ties without labels?

        Julie Filips

          Yikes!  I accidentally ordered 2x what I need.  I know that whole wheat will degrade over time.  Does anyone know how long it will keep?


          Giao Dang

            Hi Katherine,

            Yes. You did answer my question! I’ve been following the purist formula and using the Trailblazer and the Espresso, which is labeled on the bag as “bread flour” while the Trailblazer does not appear to indicate whether it’s a bread flour. Also, I wanted to know this because we have been using the Trailblazer as an “all purpose” flour in other recipes… thanks for clarifying.

            Katherine Kehrli

              Giao –

              Yes, the high extraction flour we supply for all our formulas is the Trailblazer T85 and it is a bread flour. Doesn’t matter which formula you prefer, that is the flour we use. You can also substitute the Cairnspring Artisan Expresso – T85. Also a bread flour, organic, just a different wheat berry.

              Does that answer your question?


              Giao Dang


                This may not be related to the topic. I have been wanting to know if the Trail Blazer T85 that is in the purist formula is also bread flour? Thanks.

                Dana Hamman

                  (Draft, feel free to edit!  Just had a couple ideas I wanted to get down)


                  Proceed to Community Loaves website.

                  Click on order supplies tile.  “Essentials” are what you will need for making our loaves; the other flours are for fun!

                  Select products (5 lbs each of the essential flours will make approximately 10 loaves).  If you are looking for a 50 lb bag of a particular flour and you don’t see it, please send an email to orders@communityloaves.org.  If we can get it for you as a special order, we will!

                  Check out.  During this process, you will select a truck stop for your flour pick up.  Double check that the date and time work for you.  You can pick up at a different truck stop than your hub if more convenient for you.

                  On Friday at midnight the week before a delivery week, the truck stops will change and orders will be delivered on the NEXT delivery cycle.

                  If you have any questions along the way, please email orders@communityloaves.org



                  Katherine Kehrli

                    How to order and pick up supplies.

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