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    Nina Wolsk

      The links to the videos did not work for me. Maybe it’s because I am using a Mac. It would be nice to also have a PDF of the formula even though we can’t scale the loaf number. We can do our own math. It’s just a helpful resource if you don’t have excel. Thank you so much!

      Jennifer Taylor

        The new format is outstanding!  Beautifully done! I like the scaleable version and the detailed PDF.  All the links I tried worked great.
        Question: I’m going to try making 6 loaves at once. What’s the best way to put six 9×5 pans in a standard oven?  I can fit them all on one shelf but they’ll be very close together, limiting air flow. I’d love to know how others do it. Thanks! PS. If this question should go someplace else, pls let me know Thanks.

        Katherine Kehrli

          Modern Formula – New Scalable Formula

          Modern Forula – PDF – Step-by-Step

          Super excited to be sharing a new version of our Modern Formula. The greatly expanded Step-By-Step instructions with pictures and videos throughout provides a much deeper foundation. Don’t be overwhelmed. The information is there to support bakers with a broad range of skills, including just getting started.  This is the formula you want to begin with if you are new to bread baking.

          Please let me know if any of the information is confusing, any links are broken, something just doesn’t work. I’m including both the excel version, which allows you to scale the ingredients for the number of loaves you want to make. The step-by-step and overview tabs walk you through the whole process.

          Please post questions comments here!

        Viewing 3 posts - 121 through 123 (of 123 total)
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