How do you know for certain when the bread is fully cooked?

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    Rebecca Ditmore

      My family has to be wheat free because of sensitivities and allergies (I know, ironic). I bake a lot of gluten free bread for them, and one of the things that is helpful to know is what a loaf should weigh when it’s completed baking–and the best GF recipes tell you that. Obviously it will weigh less than when you put it in because moisture has evaporated due to the heat.

      I find that the time frame and the tapping on the bottom are subjective measurements, and I’ve never kept a loaf to cut open to know if I’m baking long enough—I just do this on a wing and a prayer, hoping for the best. I learned from Jan Jackson today that the interior temp should be 210 degrees. Can someone tell me what the loaf (without the pan) should weigh on my scale if it’s completely done? In other words, if it starts at ~920 grams for a modern formula loaf, it should end up at X grams. Even knowing a range would be helpful. Thanks!

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