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    Katherine Kehrli

      Thank you Seana, this is consistent with what we learned from FoodLifeline several months ago. Not all food banks have this situation, Edmonds is ideed one of them and so is Des Moines food bank, which is why we don’t work with Des Moines food bank. It was my first “no”. I really don’t like being told now.

      Nevertheless it is a curiosity why some food banks use this program and others don’t. Something for us to get smarter about! Looking forward to our discussions tomorrow.


      Seana Hayden

        Hi lovely liaisons,

        I visited Edmonds Food Bank today in Edmonds, WA and learned that they receive an abundance of bread products through the retail redistributed food programs (aka grocery rescue). The policy with the retail partners they work with is that the food bank must take all or nothing: they cannot pick and choose which products they want from the grocery rescue. This means that in order to get the produce or dairy that is very valuable to them, they must take the bread as well. I will share more on our Impact Committee Call tomorrow (Wednesday @ 8am!). My Liaison notes are posted here.

        — Seana

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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