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    Stephanie Vargas

      If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, and/or don’t have a Costco membership, both Safeway and QFC carry dried blueberries.  Safeway’s price for me was $4.99 for 4oz of the O organic version which works out to $1.25/oz which is about $7 a batch.  They also have Signature Farms brand (non-organic) for $.90/oz which is about $5.04 per batch.  I’ll think I’ll be making the long drive to Trader Joe’s next time, but hope this info helps.

      Kathleen Florio

        Costco is definitely the place to get dried blueberries. And, as others have noted, Trader Joe’s is also a good source–just be sure you’re getting the regular dried (shelved near the other dried fruits and nuts), not the freeze-dried, which are much more expensive.

        Lucy Hwang

          This past week, I found dried blueberries at Costco for 11.49 for 1lb 4oz, as well as Trader Joe’s 8oz for 5.99(maybe but was pricey).

          Jerry Godes

            I stopped in Trader Joe’s in California today, and the definitely had Dried Blueberries (which is different than the freeze dried ones, which they also had).

            Nancy Yonemitsu

              The only Trader Joe’s dried blueberries I found were freeze dried 1.2 Oz/(34g) at $3.99 per package (almost $16 for one batch). I would love to find a cheaper alternative.

              Claire Powers

                I found dried blueberries at Trader Joe’s yesterday. Near the raisins, dried mango, etc. It was $4.99 or $5.99 for 8 oz (227 grams).

                Laura Glasgow

                  Where is everyone sourcing their dried blueberries for the Energy Cookie?

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