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    Jane Hutcheson

      This is so helpful!  I was trying the increased production approach to make  two 4 batch loaves  but my first batch was still in the oven and the second batch needed to bake right now! So I know they went over. But I was it thinking about the first rise and it’s impact on the final loaf. First batch was fine but second batch was dimpled. Still tastes great.

      Will focus on this next batch.


      Janice Denney

        I only had enough Hillside flour left for two loaves. I shortened the first proof to only 40 minutes. Significantly less dimpling! There is a little dimpling, but I forgot to set the timer for a shorter rise in the pan before baking, and they were a bit bigger than I had planned. Overall, so much better than before! Thank you for your input. Now I will need to get to Gaston’s and start over with new flour and recipe.  

        Janice Denney

          Thank you! I have had some concerns that the first rise was going too far, but never connected that with the final loaves. I will definitely try giving the first rise a shorter time and let you know how that goes.

          Katherine Kehrli


            Such a good question. Dimpling happens. And thankfully our bread tastest great even if the structure has gone a little wonky.

            Dimpling for all my research and experience, and by the way, my recent 10 loaves all had dimpling and I know they were overproofed, slightly.

            What can you do… you can try shortening the first rise to just double, even 1 1/2.  Degas the dough as you divide and shape, and let it quite double in the final rise, just a bit over the pan.   Leave a little rise for the oven and you can quite possibly give bid adieu to dimples. No guarantee, like I said, after hundreds of loaves I still get dimples, but I know it is because I let the bread get away from me and that the gluten structure has become tired.

            Janice Denney

              I have baked now many loaves since January. They all look great in the oven, rise well, bake well, but when I let them cool, the top of the loaf shrinks and dimples. It doesn’t change the quality of the bread, but it doesn’t look great either. I have proved them shorter and longer, baked them shorter and longer, nothing makes a difference. I am a bread baker from way back, so this is disconcerting. Thank you for any input!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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