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    Walt Blackford

      Well, I honestly cannot tell the difference from every other batch…is possible? Tastes good. Holds together when slicing. I’ll be happy to send photo by text to a cell phone…can’t send from my phone to an email. Long story.

      That said, I will do a better job of following directions next time…

      Walt Blackford

        Just found your post, Katherine. I’ll provide a full report after they’re out of the oven and cool enough that I can slice and taste!

        Walt Blackford

          Loaves are rising in the pans. The dough is “lighter” or “fluffier” and a bit wetter than previous batches; however, this is the first time I’ve made a 4-loaf batch so that also could be a factor.

          Katherine Kehrli

            Walt –

            I sent you an email with additional questions. Sounds like you are running the experiment. We’ll see how it goes. Then you and I should debrief!

            My fingers are crossed. My questions were to get a little more clarity. Salt in the autolyse is unconventional but not unheard of…And, I would have coached to add a little more yeast when mixing, provided it is the Modern formula you are doing…

            Rest assured there are multiple ways to a beautiful loaf! We can explore together.


            Walt Blackford

              Walt here…just to make the story complete, I also added the salt into the autolyze!

              I’ve combined preferment with autolyze and beginning to slap and fold…imagining a positive outome.

              Lynn Wenzel

                One of our bakers has accidentally added yeast to his autolyse. He is asking if the batch is doomed. I don’t feel I have the expertise to answer this question. My tendency is to tell him to go ahead and bake the loaves and test the outcome. But I also don’t want him wasting his time.

                Do any of you seasoned, well-experienced bakers have any words of advice?


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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