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Kim Jamison

    This isn’t a question, just hoping it provides a chuckle, don’t take me too seriously.

    Holiday Baking enjoyment.

    So, I’ve been asked to bake Weezie’s Maple Pecan Christmas cookies to donate to the food bank we bake bread and donate to.  I thought, sure why not, how hard could it be?
    So,I take a look at the recipe and looked pretty straight forward. I thought cookies were stir up the ingredients, plop about a spoonful on a sheet pan, bake. Little did I know!

    First I needed ingredients. So I go to the store, got everything but the nuts, so I go and immediately try to find them. Baking aisle? I find these things that looked like they were purchased overseas a couple years ago. Then I thought bulk aisle, and nuts were there. Anybody realize how many types of nuts there are? Of course again I got confused. Was it walnuts,almonds,ooh there’s hazel nuts maybe I should get those? Oh yeah, it was pecans.
    Whole,halfs,or pieces? I got pieces. Had all my stuff.

    So I go home, follow the recipe, get the dough mixed, ready to  rock and roll on assembly. I looked at the nuts and figured too big, so I gave them a rough chop with a knife. Then I rolled the balls, put them down on the cookie sheet. Hmm, supposed to make 60, I got 25. Whatever,any smaller my man thumb would flatten them.

    I then rolled in the nuts and put them back on the sheet and baked. They came out a lot larger than I remembered, and I thought there’s no way I can get 10 in these boxes, but decided to finish them.

    I looked for piping bags, but couldn’t find them, supply issues and all, so I had a plastic bag I used. I thought piping tips were metal but all I found were plastic at the store. So I cut a small corner off and placed the tip. I made the icing, put it in the bag and started piping. Went well for like 3 cookies, decent enough I thought. Then, all hell broke loose, the tip exploded onto the next cookie, icing all over the place! I was like screw it, I’m going to keep going. Needless to say, they were a disaster visually, but I ate them and they tasted great. Looked horrible, not giving those things to anyone!

    At that point, I went back to my safe place, making loaves of bread for this wonderful organization I ran into. I’m out of the cookie business, just fyi. 😂

    I hope that provides a bit of levity for you all in this busy season. And I truly wish you all happy holidays, however you celebrate them. And I’m sure there will be lots of beautiful cookies for the food banks.

    Kim Jamison
    Anacortes hub.



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