Reply To: Acknowledging donating rolls and cookies

Katherine Kehrli


    Good question and for any and all hub coordinators, please remind any and all bakers to send all inquiries regarding donations, orders, all program logistics directly to Community Loaves. It makes it so much easier for us and the team to handle the questions directly. That way we’re not creating unnecessary back and forth.

    Order questions go to “”

    Donation questions go to “”

    General program questions can go to “”

    A new website footer will soon help people find this information automatically. But in the meantime please help get the word out, as will I.

    The addresses are all managed by the same team so members will be served no matter which address they use.

    For this baker, do check back on your own donation sheets to make sure that her donation was there and you can also look at your confirmation. I don’t know why she might have been missed, since I’m not there for that bit of the process. But all numbers can be updated to reflect the accurate counts. Please have the baker email me directly and I’ll make the change.


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