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Katherine Kehrli


    Interesting. I have no experience for this mixer, seems a bargain. Which makes me more curious. A 10.5 quart mixer theoretically could handle 6 loaves, maybe 7. But this is only a 675 watt machine and I’m not sure it has enough oomph for that much dough. The Pro Line 7 & 8 quart KitchenAids have 900 or more watts which is quite a bit more power for mixing our stiff dough.

    I did just purchase for the test kitchen a Kenwood from Costco. It is still in the box. It is 875 watts and a lower price point. I’ve had a Kenwood in the past and been very satisfied and the price point is less than the KitchenAid.

    Certainly there is no harm in trying the mixer, could be a gem. Hopefully returnable if not. I’d read a bunch of reviews to make sure you are getting something that is really sturdy.