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Katherine Kehrli

    Robin and Michelle,

    Some very good points you are raising. Regarding freezer space, please know that by definition when anyone checks on their profile that they have “freezer space” to share, they intend for you to reach out. They only check that box when they want to contribute that space to the cause. Not sure how I can make you feel more comfortable about emailing that individual, but anyone with a “snowflake” next to their name, is willing and wants to help.

    Regarding getting to know more hub members. This is certainly challenging during this pandemic, but I am encouraged by a recent Hub Coordinator meeting held this past Saturday. Part of the day was spent brainstorming on how to facilitate more getting to know you. Another way to meet more folks in the community, if it fits your schedule – Bake With Me Sessions and Flour Packing Sessions. We have a couple of those coming up. Lots of ideas are generated during those gatherings.

    Maybe not for Portland, but we will gather again even in Portland. We did a few months back when the weather was nicer and we will do so again. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns do reach out to anyone with a snowflake on their profile, an email or text is certainly less intrusive, they want to share their freezer space with you.