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M Miller

    Hi Holly,

    Congratulations! Four loaves for your first donation is terrific and we are so glad to have you as part of the CL team. And–great job posting on the forums. I’m not a hub coordinator so will defer to their comments but wanted to send a quick reply so you weren’t sitting in your kitchen wondering what to do with the bread. 🙂 While registration for donation does close Saturday evening, forgetting to log your bread now and then (or as a new person not knowing the deadline) happens–so no worries. My experience is that you can still donate the fresh loaves and the Hub coordinator can adjust the numbers after the fact. You’ve done the hard part which is the baking–especially figuring it out for the first time. In my case when I forgot to log my bread,  I let the coordinator know and then when I dropped off my bread, I indicated on the sign in sheet that my bread was not logged in ahead of time. Do you know your hub coordinator and the address for your donation? (That said, just for your FYI, indeed you can freeze the loaves and donate them for the next round if need be.) Good luck and if anything is unclear, feel free to follow up here.

    Thanks! M