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Trisha Pearce

    I’m loving the brand new classic formula. I got the Anks mixer a month or so ago and the formula + Anks have made the mixing simple and the loaves have risen higher than ever before . Levain starts before I go to bed and I set out all the ingredients for the morning. then beginning around 530 am… start to finished product I am DONE before noon and I spend much less time working with the dough since the Anks does all the heavy lifting. A year ago when I began it was trying to do slap and fold the first few times. then switched to my OLD KA which would mean dividing the dough so as not to overwork the old machine. I never got 4-5 inch loaves and it turned into an all day affair. Mostly due to the mixing extravaganza. The new formula is so much better and easier to handle. thanks for the changes

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