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Tina Ellis

    @ M Miller, I find oil helps. Here’s what I did:

    Mix about one-third of the olive oil into the oatmeal after it cooks. As it cools, stir the porridge a few times. Reserve the remaining olive oil and honey to add directly into the dough.

    Mix the yeast and salt into the dough as normal. I watched it carefully and pulled the dough down before it started to creep. Once the salt is mixed it, I put the mixer on the lowest speed and drizzle a little of the olive oil along the side of the bowl. Let it mix. Once you see the dough start to creep again, drizzle in a little more oil. Once the oil runs out, use the honey. I think I added the oil and honey in 6-7 drizzles/spoonfuls throughout the process. I also found keeping the mixer on the lowest speed and keeping the top of the dough hook moist helped, too.

    It’s not a great workaround. I requires you to watch the dough more than usual, but it works. For me, I’ll either drop the batch formula down by 1 loaf to reduce the amount of dough in the bowl, or I’ll divide the dough in half and do in batches. It will just depend on the amount of time I have that day. In a pinch, though, adding the oil and honey later will work. Good luck!