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Claire Parker

    Baked 5 loaves today in my Ankarsrum using the new Modern formula. Used the roller, chunked autolyse into the Poolish, added the yeast then salt. Instructons to start at lowest speed then crank up to four really made the difference and I achieved a beautiful window pane in smooth lovely dough. Then I added the cooked oats and it seemed to lose all its tension. I’m not sure how long I let the mixer go but the dough didn’t change. From then on the stickiness was a big challenge. The dough seemed lively and proofed but working with it was difficult, especially in the first dividing and shaping. I had to use quite a bit of flour on the counter. The finished loaves are ok but not very high. I wonder if the struggle with working the dough deflated it too much.
    I will make this again this week to complete my donation as well as test the formula again.

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