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Donna Bunten

    I baked 4 really pretty loaves with the new formula this morning. I used the new amounts, but charged ahead and missed the changes to the mixing; i.e., adding the oatmeal after the slap & fold (I mix by hand). My dough is usually still pretty tacky during the slap & fold and I never get a good window pane, but I just sense when the dough is done (and my arms are done). Oh well, looking forward to using the new method next time.

    FYI, I couldn’t access the video links through the pdf, but I could through the spreadsheet (I use a MacBook Air). The additional videos on shaping and proofing are really helpful. I was never sure what I was trying to accomplish with the pre-shaping step–this helped. And even though I didn’t watch until after the bake, I really liked the hand mixing video.

    Regarding baking more loaves: I bake 4 loaves in a standard-sized oven, rotating 180 degrees and front to back halfway through the bake. My oven is also a convection oven, although I don’t use it much. I was wondering about baking 3 loaves per rack using convection. Does anyone have any advice/experience using convection heating? Would the loaves not brown as well?

    Plus, since I’m mixing by hand, I’m not sure I could handle the dough for 6 loaves at one time. I may just have to bake more often. Now that gardening season is done and the weather is turning, my thoughts are likewise turning to indoor activities.

    Thanks for the new materials, Katherine!