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Katherine Kehrli


    Well that does sound so very frustrating. I’m sorry to hear. This experience doesn’t seem to be “shared” meaning I’ve heard from many and I’ve completed 6 batches myself and not once had any issues with a good chef’s knife. I hope bakers out in Community Loaves land will provide some additional thoughts based on their experiences.

    Did you have a chance to watch any of the videos? Especially the cutting and packaging? Here is the link:  Video link.

    And then to the cutting itself there are two different videos. One with Anna Fine and myself and then another I did separately to reinforce no ruler was needed. But a chef’s knife worked great for both of us. Here is the link to just that video.  Video Link

    Please let me know more about the differences between our two experiences. It certainly would be easy to add notes to the recipe, but I’d like to know first, if there are any additional differences in our approaches.

    Thank you John for your ongoing dedication.