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Matthew Mizulo

    Some things that could affect rise…

    1. Old or improperly stored yeast: This would be the very first thing to check! King Arthur has a guide with pictures. Or, try asking a fellow baker for some that is working for them or purchase some fresh packets from the store
    2. Forgetting to add yeast (seems obvious but I’ve done this a couple times in the past, LOL)
    3. Not enough yeast – double check recipe and measurements
    4. Hot water (water temps over about 115-120 degrees can kill yeast)
    5. Cold proofing temps can significantly slow rise(s)
    6. Have you recently substituted a different flour, yeast, or other component from one(s) you’ve used previously?
    7. Highly chlorinated municipal tap water or contaminated well water (rare) – try bottled or filtered
    8. Dried surface (rare) – if the dough is left uncovered during the various rise stages, the surface can dry out causing a crust to develop and inhibit rising
    9. Too much flour which can reduce the water content of the dough, inhibiting yeast hydration and growth. I don’t expect this is your issue, but some things to ask yourself: are my measurements off? Is my scale working properly? Am I using volume measurements instead of measuring by weight? Is my scale set to the correct measurement unit?