Louis Holtzman & Kathy Kline – Mercer Island

Meet Louis Holtzman & Kathy Kline two kids goofing off in the Community Loaves bake shop after a flour packing party.

This husband wife duo celebrate 40 years of marriage on May 3rd. They met at medical school, in Baltimore. They both are retired physicians assistants, two different specialties. Their careers took them out west, first to LA and then to Seattle.

During the pandemic they are making Community Loaves Honey Oat Pan Loaves and they are part of the dynamic Mercer Island Hub. Much like their medical disciplines, two different specialties, each of them makes and bakes their own loaves. Louis prefers the Modern yeast only formula and Kathy is a pure Classic!

With each donation cycle their 5 quart KitchenAid grumbles just a little more. Louis confesses it might be on its last leg. Isn’t the 40 year anniversary gift a bread mixer? Someone look that up, I’m pretty sure it is a bread mixer! 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you both for your Community Loaves enthusiasm. And you rocked the flour party!

Mia K