Meet Claire Powers – Ravenna

Claire is a powerhouse of a volunteer – she is a frequent flour party packer, baker, and bag lady. What do I mean? Claire did the research on compostable zip lock bags. She dedicated several hours to learning about plastic, biodegradable and compostable film and reminded me how valuable our local library system is! Research turned into connecting with a few companies. Which, in turn, resulted in securing samples. The first rounds did not pass the “zip” test. Once a suitable choice was found she made a personal gift of the first 1000 compostable bags.

Beginning next week, all Trailblazer flour from Cairnspring Mills will be packed into our new compostable bags. I assure you, the “zip” is strong! Not like our first-round test. These bags will hold up to the jostling they are destined to take. I’m beyond thrilled that we are actively reducing our plastic bag usage! For many of us, plastic zip-lock bags have been an unsettling by-product of our great efforts.

More about Claire! Born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts. Claire moved to Seattle after college and married a local boy. She trained as an urban planner and worked for King County, the City of Seattle, and the University of Washington. When her son Harry arrived, she worked as a stay-at-home mom and served as a school volunteer. Then returned to the workforce when he left for college.

Claire says, “I’ve always been interested in all kinds of cooking.” I especially like making pie and bread. Each year at Christmas time, my husband and I make about 40 loaves of cardamom bread that my French Canadian grandmother learned to make from her Finnish landlord. We enjoy retirement and spend a lot of time in the San Juans. Life has always seemed better to me near the saltwater and salt air.

It is an absolute pleasure to get to know Claire, and I’m ever grateful for her generous gift of time and talents. When you see the green compostable bags – think of Claire!

Mia K