We had so many lovely cookie submissions this year! And the winner is……

“Weezee’s” Christmas Eve Maple Pecan Thumbprints

– Submitted by Barbara Gardener

Growing up in a small town with all of my aunts, uncles and cousins, our family celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s ranch house.  My mom would always make huge platters of candy (toffee, rocky road, chocolate peanut clusters, divinity (yuck), and various other treats) and my Aunt Weezee would make huge platters of every kind of cookie imaginable. 

Christmas Eve at the ranch was childhood magic.  When we moved away and had no family close to us, I carried on my family’s tradition and combined my mom’s candy making and my aunt’s cookie making into one platter for local friends at Christmastime. This adapted recipe for Weezee’s maple thumbprint has become a family favorite.

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