How much do the materials cost?

This is a big beautiful volunteer project, 100%. Our bakers give their time, talent, and treasure to bake and donate our honey oat sandwich bread and energy cookies to our local food banks.

Every donation is logged on your volunteer baker profile, and you can pull a giving statement anytime. The giving statement records the total items donated, the volunteer time to complete those donations, and the financial cost.

Cost For A Loaf Of Bread: The current cost to make and bake one loaf of bread is $2.84, including the packaging. This can vary, especially in our expanded markets like California or Idaho. If you purchase different flour or types of ingredients, for example, specialty honey or farmer’s market oats, the loaf price could be higher. Our price used Costco honey, oatmeal, and olive oil. For the flour, we used our Community Loaves flour store pricing. Bakers are given a 7-hour donation of time credit for every batch of 3-4 loaves donated. Use this time credit to satisfy community service requirements or request corporate matching! Our non-profit benefits greatly from corporate matching!

Cost Per Energy Cookie: Similarly, we’ve priced out the Energy Cookie to $.88 cents per cookie, fully packaged. We used average store pricing for the ingredients beyond the mix – unsweetened apple sauce, pecans, cornmeal, blueberries, and raw sugar… An entire batch of cookies, 32, costs $28.23 and takes 3 hours to produce. Again, your volunteer time for younger bakers can be used to satisfy community service requirements or for those in industry, serve as support in the request for corporate matching.

Volunteers can download their current statement anytime! It is found on your volunteer profile page.