Essential Tasks of A Hub Leader

We don’t use the word “essential” lightly. Our ability to deliver loaves and energy cookies twice a month is dependent on a cheerleader coordinator within the community. This hub leader serves as an anchor for the volunteer bakers in a specific geographic area and in support of a specific food bank partner or partners.

A robust set of tools has been built to make the cheerleading easy to execute or to delegate to helpful volunteers.

On average the volunteer time needed to be a hub leader is 10 hours or so a month. Most of that is passive time, receiving the donations twice a month. But active time is what helps us build community and improve our impact to our food bank partners.

Here is a short list of the essential tasks to be a hub leader:

  • Communicationtwice a month email communication using the CL email tool. Provide meaningful updates and/or requests to your hub members. Topics include…
    • New Program Logistics – (Holiday Cookie, New Formulas, Supply Delivery…)
    • Major member milestones – (anniversaries, volunteer time, achievements)
    • Request help from hub members – ask for assistance getting the donation to the food bank
    • Reinforce the value of the donation to the food bank – updates from the partnered food bank.
  • Manage Bread & Cookie Donation – ensure that the loaves and cookies get to the food bank. (This doesn’t mean taking them yourself, it is an easy task to request help from others.)
  • Understand the monthly local delivery or shipment process for supplies. If you manage a local shipment that involves a couple of hours each month.
  • Coordinate an annual food bank tour – individually or in concert with other hubs that support the same food bank. This is also a great “task” for an enthusiastic hub member.

What follows are the essential agreements to be a CL hub leader:

  • Your Photo or Avatar will be part of your profile – this livens up the CL Community and creates a familiar face for hub members to find.
  • The existing partnered food bank will be the exclusive beneficiary – you cannot solicit new partners independently, but working with Community Loaves HQ, new partnerships may be pursued as needed.
  • Use the hub leader management tools exclusively for all CL functions.
  • Ask bakers to use the support resources directly vs. serving as a liaison for logistics inquiries. Creates unnecessary complexity – FAQ’s. (, )
  • Stay in contact and elevate any concerns or recommendations directly to me – your ideas big or small, help us continue to build a stronger program – 
  • Any and all press inquiries need to be directed to Community Loaves. From there we will  respond as a team.
  • All branding and communication elements are the property of Community Loaves and usage needs to be approved by the mothership.
  • Creation of any tools – including handouts, flyers, cards, etc.. to support the Community Loaves effort need to be approved by Katherine Kehrli and the communications team. 
Katherine Kehrli

Katherine Kehrli