Age Requirements for Volunteering?

Our requirements regarding volunteering are governed by common sense and insurance standards. The following should provide you the information you need, but please reach out if you have further questions:

  1. Baker – anyone accepting and following our baking best practices can bake and donate. Younger bakers, middle and high school age can earn volunteer service hours for their time. It is expected that all young bakers will follow the safety practices and follow the recipes precisely.
  2. Flour Packer – no age limit. However, precision in breaking down 50 lb bags into 5 lb portions is a must. Flour is our thing, so neatness and attention to detail matter.
  3. Stage and Load the Truck – ability to lift, without struggle, 40 lbs.
  4. Drive The Truck – Twenty-five years of age or older with a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Katherine Kehrli

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    Katherine Kehrli