Sample Email Text

Dear Blank,

I’m part of an amazing organization called Community Loaves. A wonderful non-profit organization with a mission to provide delicious, nutritious freshly baked bread and Energy Cookies to our local food pantries.

Here in, <city>, we have <x> volunteer bakers who support <Food Bank Name> through our twice a month donations. For me, this is a great way to help combat rising food insecurity and I get to do this from my own home kitchen. I love knowing that families in my own neighborhood are receiving these delicious, freshly baked, high-quality items.

Our ability to Bake The World A Better Place is limited only by the number of bakers in our network. If you think this might be the project for you, and trust me, it is flexible and fun, please sign up for an information session.

You can do that by following this link: Community Loaves Information Session.

And, be sure to look over the entire website, lots of great information there. Over 125,000 loaves have been donated and nearly 60,000 Energy Cookies. I think you’ll see why their tag line is “Breader Together”, because honestly, we are!