Food Handler’s Permits

What is an FHP?

A food handler’s permit helps insure the safety of our food systems. Through education and testing food workers demonstrate knowledge of safe handling and help protect consumers. This is standard practice in restaurant and food service across the country. Permits are typically inexpensive and take between 20-75 minutes to acquire.

Increasingly it is beneficial for our bakers to have a permit. It instills confidence in our practices and assures our food pantries that we care about the bread we deliver and the clients they serve. As we continue to grow and our services expand some volunteer positions will require a valid permit. For example, the bread slicing pilot we are conducting with the Thurston County Food Bank. Anyone who wishes to help slice bread using the commercial slicer will be required to have a permit on file.

Community Loaves recommends that volunteers obtain a food handlers permit, and a valid permit will be required for some volunteer tasks. In California, a valid permit is required to donate bread. In all cases, these permits are relatively inexpensive $5 – $10, and easy to obtain. Once you’ve obtained your permit you can upload it to your baker profile. Permits generally last 2-3 years.

Can I Take An Online Course to Get My Food Handler Permit?

In Washington State there is only one online provider.

And nearly all states have the ability to complete the certification online and in real-time. The website, State Food Safety, allows you to start and stop as needed and offers permits in multiple languages. Check it out:

Email us at if you need more information about that.

Upload Your Permit

Once you have a valid permit, please upload a copy to your baker profile.