Ankarsrum “Kitchen Assitent”

The folks at Ankarsrum Original USA and Bread Beckers Inc. love the work we do here at Community Loaves.

Their passion for bread baking and creating community are in direct alignment with our bread-givingb mission. I’ve been so fortunate to meet Ashley McCord, and her mother, Sue Becker and I have enjoyed getting to know more about their work in both arenas. Our shared values regarding whole grains, sourcing quality ingredients, following best bread practices and supporting your local community have led to this special offer for Community Loaves volunteer bakers.  

If you are looking for a new mixer, the Ankarsrum Kitchen Assistent should be one of your considerations. It is a fabulous workhorse of a machine. So many of our bakers have fallen in love with their “Ank”. It operates differently from more conventional stand mixers, but the differences make it such a powerhouse for a wide variety of kitchen duties, including and most exceptionally, bread mixing. 

Check out the forums and details on the mixer. If you decide this is the machine for you, follow the steps below to receive a $100 discount and smile when you press “submit” because Community Loaves will also receive a $100 donation from your purchase. That is Win/Win and an extremely generous gift from Bread Beckers.

Here is how to get your discount!

  1. Visit 
  2. Read all about the mixer, watch videos, read the blog…then choose the color you want (the hardest part)!
  3. Ready to purchase? Now go to 
  4. During the checkout process, there are two pieces of information you will need to provide. See the picture to the right.

The circle on the right – asks for the discount code: “BreaderTogether21” is the code.

The circle on the left shows a text box – this appears after selecting “Optional: add questions…”

Type your Member ID# here in this box. You will find your individual member ID in your Volunteer Profile. See sample below.