Welcome #1



Hi Betsy­­­­­­­,

Welcome to the Shoreline Community Loaves Hub! Steve and I look forward to meeting you.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, whether it is about navigating the website, ordering supplies, donation drop offs, or something else. Our first donation drop off for 2024 is this Sunday, January 14. You may not have a donation this time, but feel free to stop by and say hello. I will send out an email with information later this week. Hopefully we won’t have snow!

Some logistical info:

The Community Loaves website is wonderful. You can use it to make a donation, order supplies, check out who else is in the hub, or watch how-to videos.

After baking, to donate your loaves, click on the dashboard and scroll down to “Make a Donation” and choose “Loaves/Cookies” to check in the number of loaves and/or cookies you are donating. You will get an auto email with general info including our address and my cell number. I have included them below as well. We are close to the Saltwater Park, on 192nd, so it is easy to find. We put out a sign on 20th and one in front of our house on donation day.

1617 NW 192nd St. 

Our neighbor Millie Schorr, who is also a volunteer baker, has some available freezer space to “hold over” donations. If she is in town, it is a great place to stash extra loaves until donation day. You log these donations in as you normally would, and she or I will bring them over if you can’t get them from her before donation day.

On donation day, we have zippered bags on the front porch to drop off your donations. There is also a sign-in sheet to initial and confirm your donation amounts. Sometimes after logging in your donation, you may get inspired and bake extra, or decide to keep a loaf for yourself. That is no problem, just write down the actual amount of loaves or cookies donated and initial to confirm. I will often come out and say hi and grab your donations just so the squirrels don’t get any crazy ideas.

Our closest supply pickup is at the Edmonds Waterfront Center, on Wednesday of supply pickup week, 3-5 pm. But you can actually pick up your supplies at any of the locations including at the Kirkland “Flour Central” location. A complete list of locations is here. I am usually at the Waterfront Center, helping coordinate the pickup along with the coordinators from the Edmonds hub. The deadline for ordering supplies for our next supply pickup is by 6 pm on Thursday, ­­­­­­­­1/18.

Rachel Linkhart