Donation Reminder #2



Hope your year has started off well and that you’ve had a nice holiday break. Our first donation day of the year is tomorrow–thank you for braving the cold if you’re bringing your bread/cookies to me.  My driveway is not icy but I haven’t been our driving in the neighborhood; I hope your way is safe.  Hopelink in Kirkland will be closed on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr holiday, so I will delivering our baked donations on Tuesday. If you find you’re not able to come easily on Sunday, just let me know and you can arrange an alternate drop of time with me for Monday.

We have two new hub members, Megan and Kathy Luke. Welcome to our hub! We hope you have fun baking.

Mary Pygott reached her 3 year anniversary last month. Wonderful keeping at it for so long! You’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

Next flour order deadline is January 18th. I’m excited we can now also order weekly for pick-up at Flour Central in Kirkland, since I often forget to order enough on the monthly order.  If you run out of bread bags, I have some extra I can lend you until you get your order as well.

Happy Baking!

Rachel Linkhart