The Classic – California

The Classic Formula uses a combination of natural sourdough starter for flavor and commercial yeast for reliable performance. Use this formula if you have an existing active sourdough starter but want to add a pixie dust of instant yeast as leavening “insurance”. This formula gives you both great flavor and beautiful loft. We have a couple of flour options. Choose the one that matches your baking preferences, performance and budget.

T110 – High Extraction Flour

Our favorite California flour option is Central Milling’s Organic High Extraction T110 Flour. This is a delicious, nutritious, and in all ways, terrific bread flour produced from organically grown California and Utah wheat. T110 Flour, refers to an ash value, and indicates a high percentage of whole graininess. Unlike our original formulas, which blend Whole Grain and High Extraction flour together, the T110 is automatically a highly nutritious ready-to-use blend. You can purchase this professional bakery, workhorse flour at a Central Milling outlet store or order by mail. Take a moment to learn more about this flour here.

King Arthur Flour

We prefer supporting local, regional farmers and millers but sometimes it just isn’t practical. In those situations selecting an organic bread flour that we can get at the local store provides a suitable alternative.

King Arthur Flour is produced by a company that has a stellar reputation for producing excellent products. You use two different flours in a 65/35 ratio. 65% Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour and 35% Organic Bread Flour.

Why? We’re focused on nutrition with this Sandwich loaf. The Organic Bread Flour is more sifted and doesn’t contain the “whole grainess” we want for our nutritious sandwich loaf. So we use less of that flour and lean into the whole wheat flour a bit more. The results, a delicious loaf that you can be proud of that maintains our nutrition goals. We think you will enjoy this loaf.

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