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Community Loaves Essentials

We are proud to source freshly milled flours from the Pacific Northwest. Both mills, based in the Skagit Valley, feature wheat grown by Washington farmers. Their exceptional flours are offered to our volunteer bakers at a discount to retail pricing. We hope you love the quality and nutrition of these flours as much as we do.

The following "essential" items are all used in our signature Honey Oat Pan Loaf formulas. Our formulas call for equal parts High Extraction, T85 bread flour and Whole Grain Bread Flour. You need both to complete the recipe. We stock the Fairhaven whole grain flour preferentially because it is prepackaged in 5 lb bags. Both perform equally well and we will substitute the Whole Grain flours 1:1 if we experience a shortage.

If you are just starting out, order: 1-5lb bag High Extraction, 1 5lb, Whole Grain, 1-Yeast if you need it, 1-Packaging, 1-Sourdough Starter if you like.

Additional Flours and Equipment

As a courtesy to our aspiring craft bakers we make the following freshly milled, specialty flours available for purchase. The inventory changes monthly. Don't see something you want, let us know and we will work to make it available in the future. Email orders@communityloaves.org .