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Emergency Feeding Program
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Loaves Received

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Emergency Feeding Program supports 500 households every week!

They could use 240 sandwich loaves with each donation!

Mission Statement

EFP continues its mission of providing a nutritional response to people in need throughout King County. We work with partner agencies to meet those we serve when and where they need help. Every year, we provide over 600,000 meals throughout our community. Our goal is that no one in King County will go hungry tonight.

About Our Pantry
  • The Emergency Feeding Program has existed to serve a basic human need--Hunger. Our job is to make sure that no one in King County has to go hungry tonight.
  • Established in 1977, our main goal continues to be creating a food assistance network that provides high quality food to all parts of King County.
Services Offered
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Food Drives
  • Fresh Produce Program
  • Packs for Kids