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St. Leo's Food Connection supports 1,200 households every week!

They could use 225 sandwich loaves and 450 Energy Cookies with each donation!

Mission Statement

A ministry of St. Leo Catholic Parish, the Food Connection has been serving residents of Pierce County since 1982. Begun as a small, neighborhood food pantry, our programs have rapidly expanded to become some of the largest emergency food assistance programs in the area. Our mission and belief is that God, out of love for us, has created a world in which there is enough food for everyone, if only we are willing to share.

About Our Pantry
  • From humble beginnings in a garage, the St. Leo Food Bank has become one of the largest emergency food pantries in Pierce County. Our goal is to offer each of our clients at least three days of food for
  • Children’s Programs have expanded rapidly to serve thousands of children on weekends, after school, on extended vacations, and during the summer.
  • The open hours for the St. Leo Food Bank can change depending on holidays and “closure weeks” which happen throughout the year. We do our best to include unusual schedules on our home page. If you are
Services Offered
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Packs for Kids
  • Shopping Cart - Grocery Style - Point Allocation